Your Guide To Gas Powered Model Helicopters

Gas powered model helicopters are some of the most loved and flown models planes today. Both novices and experts love them to fly. But, these gas powered model helicopters are different from other helicopters and planes in many ways. In the first place, these helicopters are costlier than all the other model planes and helicopters. Then, you need some expertise and skill to assemble them, since they are involved with more bolts, bearings, metal and plastic, unlike the PVA and balsa wood used in other planes.

26cc gasoline helicopter

China Pioneer Industrial Co., Ltd mainly manufacture in R/C hobby products.

At present we have released our newest gas powered helicopters with 26CC engine.26CC gasoline helicopter is our newest products.

Our website is

Pioneer Racing Team

RC helicopter powered by turbine engine!

Wow, this thing is insane! I definitely want one. I wonder if you have to get a noise permit to fly it in the city. :)

Pros And Cons Of Electric Rc Helicopter

Before you buy an electric rc helicopter, there are things you need to know.
Here are the pros and cons of electric rc helicopter


Electric RC helicopter is one of the more favorable kinds of rc helicopters out there in the market for several reasons:

·It is easy to fly

Shopping For A Radio Controlled Helicopter

If you are looking for a radio-controlled helicopter, the most difficult question to answer is: "what should I buy?"

Bear in mind that if you skip to answer this question, then you might be ending up with a one time flying experience. In other words, after you have bought and first flown your radio-controlled helicopter, you might not be able to fly it again.

So here are the things you should know in order to get you end up getting the right radio-controlled helicopter for you.

Evaluate your flying skill.

Getting Started with Radio Controlled Helicopters

Beginning a new hobby is a great adventure for anyone. It is like facing open and blue skies with possibilities for fun and adventure. If you are considering certain hobbies, you might want to think about flying model planes or helicopters. If you have this in mind, you can think about some things to help you in getting started with radio controlled helicopters. By knowing how to start, you will be able to move into more complex models and movements later on.

5 Types Of Remote Control Helicopter

If you are thinking of what particular remote control helicopter to buy, then this article should help. Here are the different types of remote control helicopter: Gas remote control helicopter - If you are thinking of flying a helicopter that somehow close to flying a real helicopter, then the gas remote control helicopter is for you. Made with an engine and powered by gas, this helicopter is the most advanced remote control helicopter to buy. Gas remote control helicopter does not come cheap with engine and more complicated moving parts.

Getting the Best Flight by Using RC Helicopters Accessories

Being able to fly the best RC helicopter isn’t just about getting the right model. It is also about finding the best RC helicopter accessories to add to the model. If you want to take into better flights, adding to the fun of flying your helicopter, then you can always upgrade into the additions that come with the helicopter. This will help you to have the best for your helicopter and your fun.

*HOT* Hughes 300 Beginner Mini RC Helicopter

Hughes 300 electric RC helicopters can move Up, Down, Left & Right and is great for beginners and experts. This electric rc helicopter is the best quality beginner mini rc helicopter under 150 dollars. The construction is very sturdy and hovers extremely well. Plus it even has an adjustable gyro! Flight time is about 10 minutes and this rc helicopter will keep you amazed for hours. Perfect for ages 8-80. You will love this electric rc helicopter!

Performing the Stunts with Radio Controlled Helicopters

For those that are interested in finding a hobby that will let them fly, why not look into radio controlled helicopters? These specific models can be used for your entertainment and enjoyment. Finding the best radio controlled helicopters can best be found by understanding what the abilities are to these particular models. This will allow you to enjoy all the time with your new found hobby.

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